About Me

The name is Jamie Fleming, and I'm a Georgia-based copywriter & blogger.

Through my business, Mocha Writer, I specialize in creating fabulous copy and content for small, women-owned businesses and individuals.

My goal is to help you fulfill your dreams of having a successful business. Services offered are article writing, blog posts and creation, press releases, press kits and much more! I love helping individuals achieve their goal of running a thriving business, and I enjoy assisting them in conveying their companies' fabulousness.

In my spare time, I enjoy reading novels and magazines, spending time with loved ones, reading blogs and forums on the web and shopping for handbags, magazines and nail polish.

For more info about me and my services, check out my website, mochawriter.com. If you have questions or want more information about how I can help you, contact me: jamiefleming@mochawriter.com or (864) 202.9568.
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