Friday, August 17, 2012

5 Types of Stories to Tell on Your Blog

Are you a blogger who's stuck with no ideas? If so, here are a few stories to try on your blog:

  1. Personal Discovery Stories. Tell your readers how you discovered a lesson. This will show them how similar you are to them, and it may provide practical advice on how they can learn from your experience as well.
  2. Success Stories. Share how you achieved a goal. These can be motivating or inspiring for your readers.
  3. Failure Stories. These stories can be very powerful, especially if you can show some of the lessons you learned from your setback.
  4. Biographies. Choose a key person in your niche, and share that person's story with your readers. Pull out the valuable parts that can be applied and used to improve your readers' lives. 
  5. Reader stories. Ask your readers to share their stories/experiences on a particular topic. You might start things off with your own short story, but then quickly give it over to others to share. 
For nine more ideas, check out 14 Types of Stories You Can Tell On Your Blog

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