Friday, June 15, 2012

5 Tips for Editing Your Blog Posts

Some bloggers believe that editing their posts don't matter all that much. They may feel that since they're providing free content, readers shouldn't complain about typos or posts that don't make sense. Of course, we all make mistakes from time to time, and one typo isn't going to destroy your chances of success. However, having writing that is poor quality makes you look careless and not-so-smart. And if some readers do continue reading your blog, they may not feel confident enough to purchase your products or do business with you.

Fortunately, editing your blog posts doesn't have to take hours and hours. Here are a few simple steps to take to make sure your posts work from beginning to end:

  1. Be sure you have one clear point. One mistake some bloggers make is deciding on a topic, then writing everything they can think of...but have no real point. To avoid this, ask yourself: "What is the one thing my reader should understand (or be able to do) after having read this post?"
  2. Make your title and introduction grab the reader's attention. If these don't hook the reader, the rest of your post will likely be wasted. A few ways to improve your titles: Add a number, include adjectives such as easy or powerful; begin with the words how to. With your introduction, keep it concise and clear. Some things to try: Begin with a question or a quote that relates to your main point. Additionally, focus on the reader, not yourself; use the word "you" more than "I."
  3. Include a call to action. Each time you write a blog post, think about what you want your readers to do. Do you want them to share it? Do you want them to leave comments and develop reader engagement? Are you promoting a product or service? If you want the readers to do something specific, write a call to action; it could simply be, "What are your thoughts on this?"
  4. Edit for the small details. So, your post is finished and has its clear point, a good intro and call to action. Now, it's time to begin editing the small details. You should be on the lookout for typos and misspellings, missing words or words where they shouldn't be and sentences/paragraphs that are too long. These mistakes are easier to find when you read your post out loud. 
  5. Add formatting. Be sure that the formatting is useful and consistent. A few tips: Use subheadings (and be consistent in the way you format them); use bold text to emphasize key phrases or sentences (just don't go overboard); use bullet points where necessary (instead of listing a bunch of items in single sentences); stay away from underlining for emphasis (you may confuse readers, who may think it's a clickable link); ideally, include at least one image (at the beginning of the post to draw in the reader). 

If you don't have time to edit your blog posts and need someone else to do it, I'd love to assist you! Contact me for more info. 

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