Friday, May 25, 2012

6 Ways to Honor Your Business during National Small Business Month

By Ali Brown

May is National Small Business Month, so it's a great time for business owners like you and me to pat ourselves on the back for pursuing our passion. It's not always an easy road, but as many of us know, there truly is nothing sweeter than the taste of making it as an entrepreneur!

To celebrate our choice to reach for the life of our dreams, here are six tips to help you keep on keepin' on. Enjoy!

  1. Appreciate your peeps. Take a break from number-crunching and ground yourself in an equally valuable and tangible asset: your clients and customers. Think of ways you can show them you value them, whether it be a gracious Tweet, a customer appreciation sale, a coupon to your loyal clients or a handwritten note.
  2. Get your team excited. It's important for you to be excited about your business, but your employees should also be equally invested in and excited about the future of the company. Share often with your employees about new developments, where the company is going and what can be done to get there. Make your team feel like an active part of company culture and lead by example. 
  3. Take a risk. It can be scary to break away from a model that has proven successful, but it's your own passion for your business -- rather than any particular model -- that drives its success. Think of some add-ons you can create to enhance your current offerings or new ways to package your services or products. The bottom line is: when things are getting a little dull, don't be afraid to shake things up!

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