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Are You Losing Faith In Your Business Results Too Soon?

By Kendall SummerHawk
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A woman entrepreneur's spirit and faith can often be tested when it comes to marketing and business. For example, let's say you just signed on a new client, only to have their credit card declined. Or, the new program you were so excited to launch fizzles out with few registrations.

Women take setbacks like these personally, allowing these situations to stir up painful feelings of doubt, fear of diminished self-worth. Discouraged, they begin thinking they're not good enough or that the Universe is "giving them a sign" to try something else.

The problem isn't the client's credit card or the launch that fizzled, it's giving up too soon. Listen, growing a business takes enormous faith that you access and tap into every single day.

Learn what my three favorite secrets for keeping the faith [are] so that you can continue to grow your business, even when something happens that might tempt you to throw in the towel.

Faith Secret #1: Take The Response You're Getting From Your Marketing As Feedback, Not As A Setback
If your launch produced disappointing results, then get an expert to help you figure out why. This is where being a member of a quality coaching group can really pay off. Ask your mentor to give you pointers on your marketing copy and how you marketed the program. Remember that we all have blind spots, which is why you need an expert's eye to help you see what you can do differently with your next launch.

Faith Secret #2: Remember Why You're In Business And Who You're Here To Help
When you're in the midst of a crisis of faith, it helps to remember WHY you're passionate about what you do. Think of someone you've helped and who reached out to you with appreciation. Allow yourself to feel gratitude for the contribution you've made to other people's lives.

I have a special Gratitude file of cards, letters and emails sent to me over the years from clients, newsletter readers and from people who've seen me speak. Creating your own Gratitude file will help you stay connected to the heart and spirit of your business, and allow you to tap into a limitless abundance of Divine passion that will quickly put the wind back into your sails.

Faith Secret #3: Dig Deep Rather Than Giving In
The secret to success is often tenacity. To stay committed, you need to surround yourself with people who will help you improve your results and support your spirit.

Often, a setback is the perfect opportunity to point out where you might need to make a major shift in your mindset or strategies. Which is why, rather than hop around from mentor to mentor, I prefer to stick with the same coach for several years (or until I've mastered everything they have to teach me).

Even In Business, Faith Is The Belief That Divine Spirit Flows Through You, No Matter What

Being a successful woman entrepreneur is a powerful way to become your highest and greatest self. The kind of person you admire and are proud to be. And while it may not always be a path of roses getting there, if you keep the faith -- by keeping connected to Divine Spirit flowing through you -- you WILL thrive and prosper, in business AND in life.

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  1. Ok, so, this came right on time as I am in the midst of doubting what I am doing.

    Thanks Mocha Writer


  2. Love this post and today I needed to read every word of it. I have definitely come to a place or point in my business growth that a coach is a necessity. I have had some really good feedback and results that let me know to stick with it, but now I am ready to kick it up a few gears to Fabulous!!!


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