Friday, April 27, 2012

3 Areas You May Need an Editor When It Comes to Your Business

Have you ever considered hiring an editor for your business or project? If not, here are a few places to consider using one:

1. Your Website. This is usually the first place your prospective client or customer will go to get more information about you and your business. So, you want to make sure that everything is spelled correctly, is up to date, that you're providing enough information, that it makes sense and is easy for your prospective customer to understand.

2. Your blog and/or newsletter articles. The articles you write for your blogs, newsletters and even for other websites are important when it comes to establishing yourself as a credible resource and an expert in your field. But, if your articles have misspellings, grammatical errors or if people can't follow what you're saying, then it may be difficult for them to look past that and realize the awesome work you do.

3. Your book and/or e-book. Writing a book is another great tool in establishing your credibility as an expert and to get more exposure for your business. It also gives you access to many more potential clients and customers. With that said, this is a product you want to be sure is error-free and polished for people to read, learn and enjoy.

Have questions or interested in learning more about Mocha Writer's editing services? Contact me today: jamiefleming (at) mochawriter (dot) com. 

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