Friday, March 2, 2012

3 Ways to Increase Engagement With Your Facebook Fans

By Kim Garst

Facebook Pages have become harder than ever to manage as a result of Facebook's new algorithm changes to their News Feed. Studies by Edgerank show that fewer impressions and less involvement is the frustrating result.

This begs the question -- If you have a Facebook Page, how can you increase your impressions and start driving your brand or business engagement levels up?

Start with these top 3 ways to increase engagement for your Facebook Page

1. A Picture Is Worth a 1,000 Words...REALLY!
More than that, they can mean the difference in engagement levels as well. Top studies keep showing that images mean a higher number of impressions and a greater degree of engagement in your brand.

The main thing to consider is what your primary reason for sharing your content is...are you trying to get out a specific message -- an announcement or new blog post -- or are you just trying to raise awareness of your brand and promoted engagement overall?

If you have a specific message to impart, make sure it comes with a picture so that it stands out on the News Feed. Even blog posts, which you attach as a link, will have a small image attached as long as you have a default image or thumbnail image on your site. If you are using a service like Hootsuite to pass along these posts, make sure the proper image is attached.

If you are driving engagement and raising awareness of your brand, attach your image first so that it becomes a focal point, attracting the idea and enticing others to share your content. Many are finding that images with quotes or funny sayings included in the illustration or picture are easy to share with a quick note and receive more shares than a simple text-based quote.

2. Change up your Posting TImes
Though your workday might be 9 to 5, most people access Facebook after they get home from work or even later in the evening.

Buddy Media recently completed a study showing "brands that post AFTER "normal" business hours saw a 20% increase in engagement when compared to those posts posted during "normal" business hours" (presented in Social Media Today).

Remember, more engagement means more people seeing your post as it is deemed more relevant by Facebook's alogrithm. Each person who "likes" your post or shares it increases the chances of more people seeing it.

3. Choose Your Words Carefully
While content is always king, when you are looking for a greater degree of involvement from your fans, sometimes even one word can make a huge difference. Grammar and proper spelling aside, key words seem to entice more sharing, liking and commenting as well.

Just look at this newly released research reported in All Facebook showing that the words "like" and "comment" actually showed a greater engagement rate; "like" being the optimal word with an engagement rate of 38%.

Though Facebook allows longer status posting, don't think that more is always better. Short and sweet can drive a lot involvement as well. Research shows that longer posts on Facebook reflect higher interaction rates, but if you choose your words carefully, a short and powerful punch can still drive a lot of engagement. Mix it up so that your fan base doesn't get used to the same ole same ole. Remember, the goal is to stand out!

The takeaway to posting for your Facebook Page?
Content is still King, but making it look pretty drives engagement as well. Creativity in what you post, how you post it, and when you post it, will allow your content to stand out in News Feed overrun with others trying to grab attention for their own brands, causes and personal lives.

To attract that attention, you have to stand out, which is true on Facebook and on any social media platform for that matter.

What are you doing to drive engagement today? Have you changed your Facebook Page posting content or timing? Have you noticed a change in your Facebook Page's engagement with users? Please share your techniques below. I would love to know what works for you!

This article was first published by Social Media Branding. To receive Kim's "30 Fun and Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Likes," go to and claim your free eBook NOW!

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