Thursday, December 8, 2011

Facebook Posting Methods That Work!

Have questions about marketing on Facebook? Well, a new study from a San Francisco-based social media strategy firm provides an in-depth analysis of the top 20,000 Facebok pages and up to a quarter million posts in an effort to figure out the most useful posting methods.

In a just-released report Engagement and Interaction: A Scientific Approach to Facebook Marketing, Momentus Media gives answers to seven of the most frequently asked questions by Facebook page admins: 

When is the best time to post? Although weekends and off-peak hours from 2 PM to 5 AM are times when page admins are least likely to add a new post, posts during those times get the highest interaction rates. On the other hand, Thursdays have the highest number of postings during the week and the lowest interaction rate. Since a high level of postings cause a lower interaction rate from users, posting in off-peak hours means you'll obtain more interaction from fans.

How many times should I post per day? While you may think too many posts would offend your fans, the report indicates that frequent posting actually increases interaction. And as you might guess, fewer posts lessen the chances of users seeing them. Although unsubscribe rates increase after three posts per day, they level off at higher frequencies. The secret? Find the balance between optimizing interaction and managing unsubscribers; this will be different for every business.

What kind of content draws the most interaction? Hands down, photos produce the highest interaction rate for the six varieties of content; status updates are number two, then -- in descending order-- it's video, music and links. Photos are at the top since they're visual, simple to digest and draws emotion.

Check out the other four questions and answers in my source, Facebook Posting Techniques That Really Work.

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