Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Better Me: A 52 Week Challenge

By Ms. Scripter

I am lost in transition. I am in a period in my life where there is so much I want to do, goals I NEED to accomplish, just things that I need to do to make sure I am working towards being the BEST that I can be! It's so easy for me to get caught up in the happenings of life I forget what really matters. ME. I matter. With being a mom, daughter, friend, essentially that ONE person that everyone depends on, put their burdens on and the leader in most things, it can be kind of overwhelming. Then something happens. It becomes redundant; I get sad/depressed and stuck in a rut until it is time to do it all over again. I NEEDED to do something about it. I was tired of feeling the same old defeated way. I was bored, confused, distracted and just freaking tired.

Yes, I was scared. Terrified that yes, I wanted all these changes, I had all these goals, and yet I had no idea how I was ever going to fit them into my busy life, much less accomplish them. I have NO discipline! I have a real problem with discipline. The last goal I had completely went kaput! I told myself that I was going to break the habit of cursing ( I sometimes curse like a sailor; don't judge me), yet I called the blog owner a bitch (I just talk to her like that) before the goal was even two minutes old. Yeah, I was a real winner. What in the Fudge Popsicle stick (seeee, I'm trying) was I going to do? I can't just make a goal, say that I am going to do it and NOT stick to it. I do that ALL the time. I was tired of disappointing myself. So what did I do???

So, I spoke to my friend who I'll call Christine (which, by the way, is her real name) and told her my feelings, my thoughts, my fears. Like the good friend that she is, she told me like it was. She said, "Yahna, you know what your problem is? You just don't know how to do you. Just do you." Sounds simple, right? Not. I understood the concept; however, to actually adhere to it was going to be the problem. How do I do this "JUST DOING ME CRAP?" Then, something happened.

She was settling with her boyfriend and was unhappy. She was the adult in the relationship, and he was the child. Great guy in the sense of how he treated and loved her, but I guess there is more to a relationship than love. Her relationsihp proved it, especially when it started to break her spirit. Relationships shouldn't break your spirit, but heck, it was starting to show. This girl was very strong, very independent, a mother, a hustler, a go-getter, a diva, smart, funny, sexy, yet when looking at her, I saw me.

Just like me, she was lost. Getting trapped in everyday happenings of life, we forget. There is so much we have to be and live up to that before we even do for ourselves, the hesitation, guilt and fear settles in, and we stop. Just like that, we get defeated. While taking a break from life on my friend's couch instead of my therapist's (which I have yet to get, any suggestions?), BAM; it hit me. I had an A-HA moment while I was writing down my list of goals that I might or might not accomplish. Why not try to accomplish our goals, which happened to be the same but different all together? Great idea, right? Yeah. DUH! What better way to accomplish a goal other than with the help of a friend? Until...

Why try to accomplish all these goals at once? Not only would it be very hard to complete, but it can essentially become VERY boring, very overwhelming and super boring. No one likes boring. You can spruce it up so many ways, but when you have the symptoms of being an ADHD adult like me, you better mix that shit up (I'm trying-- *shrugs*). Being the super smart person that I am (totally being facetious, though I am totally smart), I figured why not make this a weekly challenge? We had enough goals to last until the APOCALYPSE, so why not at least go for it before the world ends. A whole 52 weeks of just focusing on YOU. Jump in with two feet on the ground. No turning back. No regrets. I mean, seriously, what is the worst that can happen? Absolutely NOTHING! (By the way, if you thought that something could go wrong with this, you are totally being negative. Stop it!).

Was organized our goals. Separated them into categories of spiritual, health, finances, relationships and miscellaneous (don't ask). We numbered our goals and listed them by importance, which, of course, was pretty hard because they are ALL equally important. Then, we had the daunting task of actually figuring out our main focus point. DOING US. DOING ME. So, we got the list together, and every week, we will focus on a new task and the following week, we would not only focus on a new goal but continue to stack our focus on the previous goal. I think it's a great idea. Don't you? Every six weeks, there will be a free week where we can monitor our progress and do something fun and entertaining. I think this DOING ME challenge will be great.

You definitely can. What better way to change your life than on a Monday morning when it's totally UNEXPECTED?  You can follow this blog where every week, I will list each goal, and I will check in with you to tell you my progress, what worked and what didn't. Though because my life is very colorful, I'm pretty sure there will be some crazy stories, but hey, we are friends, right? Don't judge me, and I won't judge you. The cool thing about this is every week, you can tailor the goal to fit you. For instance, the first goal for this week is to...
Week 1: Praying- Focus on putting GOD first and including him in everything.
Challenge: Try praying more, reading scriptures, writing down thoughts that motivate you. You will need it in the upcoming weeks!
You may not be into religion or church, whatever floats your boat. But, there is something you may need to work on spiritually. Use this week to figure out what it is. Until next week = )

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