Thursday, September 1, 2011

Your Exchange Brings Your Change

On September 12, 2011, from 12-2 P.M., WAHMs WIN will be hosting its first annual networking and fundraiser event, "Your Exchange Brings Your Change: Understanding the Power of Partnering to Eliminate Weakness." The event will provide an intimate networking atmosphere and raise funds for the Atlanta chapter of the community- benefit organization.

The keynote speaker for this event is Cheryl Wood, a highly-regarded author, speaker and mom entrepreneur who empowers and equips women to take risks, overcome fears and eliminate self-imposed barriers in order to live "Fearless, Focused and Fulfilled." Additionally, she is the 2011 winner of Elevator Pitch Olympics from FraserNET Conference. Guests will also have the pleasure of hearing from a panel of women business experts from the WAHMs WIN Virtual Village. The topic will be "Converting Your Business Relationships-- How to Effectively, Consistently Turn Your Fans or Followers to Loyal Customers or Clients." The panel is the finale of a free series of expert calls WAHMs WIN has held throughout August.

The 5-star green restaurant chosen for this event is The Feed Store Restaurant, located in the historic College Park business district, near Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. This location has historical significance to WAHMs WIN because the ancestral owner was a "founding mother" of the second women's college in the U.S., Cox College, which happened to be located about a block away from The Feed Store Restaurant. Because the main goal of WAHMs WIN is to educate and empower women, this connection is very important.

The organization recommends that guests use the green MARTA public transit system as an inexpensive, low carbon footprint option for attending this event since it is just across the street from one of the main transit stations. Remember, "Green is the new black for your business budget."

WAHMs WIN would be delighted and honored to have you and your plus one be a guest for this highly empowering networking luncheon to help launch the Atlanta chapter for the WAHMs WIN community-benefit organization. For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit

The purpose of is to help W.ork-A.t-H.ome Mom.s I.ntentionally N.etworking so that together, we win.

We know that universal wisdom says that Together We Each Achieve More.

Together, WAHMs WIN!

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