Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rockstar Business: Six Brown Chicks

Rockstar Business is an interview series featuring businesses that rock!

Mocha Writer: What is Six Brown Chicks?
Six Brown Chicks: Six Brown Chicks is a group of women that have joined forces to blog daily on, a Tribune-owned media property.
      We are composed of authors, philanthropists, journalists and business owners. We blog six days a week about relationships, life, love, sex and letting go of the drama.
      We have branched out to bring our blogs to life through daily webisodes on

MW: When and why did you start it?
SBC: We started our blog on February 1, 2011. We formed the Six Brown Chicks becuase we have our networks dedicated to enlightening women, and we decided that we could make a bigger impact if we collaborated our passions and blog every day as one entity, the Six Brown Chicks.

MW: How did you become interested in blogging?
SBC: We are all authors, and blogging was a natural progression for us, as it provides the opportunity for instant feedback with our readers. It's been amazing to speak to those women who are unable to voice their innermost concerns or dilemmas with the honesty and candor that blogging allows.
        Each of us became interested in blogging for various reasons, but collectively, we are able to write freely about subject matters that we are passionate about. We write specifically to empower others to achieve success at work and at home and in their relationships.

MW: What do you hope readers take away after reading your blog?
We discuss divorce, rape, bullying on the job, the uncomfortable conversations that everyday women would love to have and not be judged about.
       We are bold in that we share personal experiences with the hope of connecting with others who may be in similar situations.
       We want our readers to walk away knowing that of the six of us, one of us is just like you or maybe all of us are. The universal sisterhood is real, and we want women to know this: You're not alone.
        We also hope that it will begin the much needed converstaion about the various topics that we discuss.

MW: What are some of your future goals?
SBC: Collectively, our future goal is a nationally syndicated talk show where we can reach the women who are not online, and we're working towards that. Individually, we all have various career goals that we continuously strive to achieve; we have a playwright, an empowerment coach, relationship columnists, editor and a spoken word artist in our little group.

MW: Who and what inspires you?
SBC: The love for women, all women, all ages, all shades, inspires us. That yearning for the YaYa Sisterhood, the village of nurturing, friendship and support inspires us.

MW: What do you love most about owning your own business?
SBC: We love the daily challenge of getting the good word out to the masses. It's like a wake-up call to arms for women; we love this, the everyday hustle to connect. We are excited about the many possibilities that the future holds, and we want our readers to recognize the boundless possibilities for them as well.

MW: What's your favorite inspirational quote/saying?
SBC: "Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching."

MW: What tips/advice would you to give someone who wants to start a business?
SBC: Do your research! Location is key. Delegate-- don't take on every role, even if you feel comfortable with the task, you want to avoid burning yourself out. Create a business plan, and make sure you follow your passion; therefore, it won't feel as though you're working, you're just doing what you love.

MW: How can you be contacted?
SBC: We can be contacted via email at or Twitter, @sixbrownchicks.
           For social awareness-related, panel discussions or speaking engagement requests, please contact our Social Media Manager, Shoya Bowman at

Do you have a Rockstar business? You could be featured on Mocha Writes! Send me information about your business for consideration: jamiefleming [at] mochawriter [dot] com.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Motivational Mondays- 7.25.11

Motivational quotes to inspire you!

"Quiet your mind and picture yourself attaining your dream...Without even realizing it, your confidence soars and you become a magnet for good things."
- Dr. Dennis Deaton

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rockstar Business: Pavo|Nyne

Rockstar Business is an interview series featuring businesses that rock!

Issa Eugenia, Founder of Pavo|Nyne

Mocha Writer: What is Pavo|Nyne?
Issa: Pavo|Nyne is a platform that promotes the emerging urban arts and lifestyle. Often times, urban arts are not given their just exposure as bonafide artistic representation of an ever evolving culture and lifestyle-- more specifically, that of an urban demographic. Pavo|Nyne specializes in unearthing emerging urban artists and trends within this culture and sharing them via Pavo|Nyne's blog. Pavo|Nyne also serves as a springboard for art writing, personal art advising, independent curating and art business consulting.

MW: When and why did you start your business?
Issa: I formally started my business in Spring 2011 after nearly three years of art blogging, continually working in arts administration and freelance writing. Pavo|Nyne was conceived out of a desire to serve the incredibly vast yet, seemingly unearthed emerging urban arts community-- both the artists and the art lovers. For so long, the urban art's public identity amongst (particularly) people of color has not yet expanded beyond the local or festival artisan vendor. My hope is that Pavo|Nyne will contribute to galvanizing this quite special archiving of urban culture and propelling it to a more accessible and widely celebrated genre of creative expression and global experience.

MW: Who is your target market?
Issa: Our target market is the progressive, upward-mobile participants and/or appreciators of the growing, creatively conscious demographic of people of color.

MW: How did you become interested in art?
Issa: Art has been around me all of my life. As a child, even my nursery books, building blocks, flash cards, etc. were pieces of art. My parents took great pride in ensuring my sister and I were consistently being exposed to very beautiful and vivid depictions of people of color and their cultures.
        Also, my parents included my sister and I in the purchasing of art. In middle school was the first time I purchased a piece of art from a gallery. It is a pencil sketching of an actress who was to be depicted in a Porgy & Bess stage play poster from the Harlem Renaissance period. The experience and
the art itself are both priceless to me.

MW: Who and what inspires you?
Issa: Wow, where do I start and how could I ever end?! (lol): Erykah Badu, Zadie Smith, Shabazz Palaces, Ancient Kemet, Mythology, Nancy Wilson, Gris Gris Lab, West African craftsmanship, Sub-Saharan African architecture, Sa-Ra Creative Partners, Mariyamah Hill, Harriet Tubman, Eartha Kitt and just about anything or anyone that embraces its own unique divine design. I love people, places, things and ideas that foster authenticity. That inspires me.

MW: What do you love most about owning your own business?
Issa: I love that I get to live out my very own vision. They say be the change you want to see in the world, and that is precisely what I am granting myself permission to both be and do. It's affirming that when you step out of the matrix and follow your own divine path, the universe has a way of acknowledging your sincere efforts and in return, supports you in good measure. It may not appear so delightful at first, but anything worth having is worth praying, preparing and proclaiming for.

MW: What are some of your future goals?
Issa: I am quite interested in the healing attributes of the arts. I would love to study holistic health and the healing arts and perhaps integrate these learnings into a practice of holistic arts healing of some sort. I am opening up myself to graduate level offerings in both of these areas. Also, I would like to have a family and live near nature and some sort of body of water. (lol)-- Had to add that one in there, too!

MW: What is your favorite inspirational quote/saying?
Issa: "If the dream does not inspire you, then the nightmare will."
          This saying reminds me to keep a balanced view of what I am doing and why I am doing it. It also brings to mind how it's quite possible to make the most out of ANY situation. It's a stark look on inspiration, which is very important to us as artists, but it's the truth. Find your flow and go! No excuses.

MW: What tips/advice would you give to someone who wants to start a business?
Issa: Be clear about your motive(s) for creating your own business.
         Familiarize yourself with your industry's leaders, trends and economic climate.
         Know your niche, and flaunt it!
         Network and market in a way that is compatible with your strengths either as a writer, speaker, social media guru, etc.
         Love yourself througout this very pivotal time of both professional development and personal growth. (It is guaranteed that you will be stretched outside of your comfort zone at some point. The boss needs a friend, too!).
         Don't be afraid to hire help in business areas that you are not familiar with. (However, be slow to hire and quick to fire).
         Set goals and maintain a sense of responsibility and ownership for your efforts.
         And lastly: ENJOY yourself! Surely you didn't become an entrepreneur to feel like a slave again. Starting your own business is a feat, but the bigger picture should always be to have a quality of life EVERYDAY!

MW: How can you be contacted?
Issa: To find out more of my work, be sure to visit And feel free to contact me via email:

Do you have a Rockstar business? You could be featured on Mocha Writes! Send me information about your business for consideration: jamiefleming [at] mochawriter [dot] com.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Motivational Mondays- 7.18.11

Motivational quotes to inspire you!

"There's no scarcity of opportunity to make a living at what you love. There is only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen."

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Power of Vision

My 2011 Vision Board

Yesterday, my friend, Shiketa Morgan, had this as her Facebook status: Have u tried closing your eyes and visualizing what you want in your life? If you've already been there in your's going to manifest.

If you know me or have read any of my blog posts (here or on For Colored Gurls), I'm sure you know that I'm a firm believer in visualization. Not only do I close my eyes to visualize, I also have a couple of vision boards, and I take time every night to write a 'script', writing and visualizing how I want the next day to go. And I can tell you that it has really worked for me. Some examples (large and small): I've been able to visualize winning a contest (and won), I've had money for things I needed when I needed it, and I've imagined myself as more positive and less stressed (and it's been working for the most part).

Two of the main keys to attaining your desires through visualization is 1) Feeling good and positive about the things you want; and 2) believing and expecting it to happen.

If you're not exactly sure how to visualize effectively, here are a few tips:

  • Be clear. Before you even begin to visualize, you need to get clear about what it is you truly desire. One thing I visualize about, of course, is my business. I am clear about the fact that I want to assist more people, assist more clients, improve my skills and increase brand awareness. Since I know exactly what I want, I'm able to create a more clear picture in my head.
  • Really visualize. When you visualize, make sure that you are as detailed as possible. For example, when I'm visualizing about my business, I imagine happily working on projects and recording profits, I see myself talking on the phone with clients, and I see myself in a fabulous home office. Try to feel, smell, hear and see everything you can-- doing this should make you feel excited about what's to come. 
  • Create a vision board. On your board (or slideshow), you can put pictures of the things you want (like a particular amount of money or an affirmation) or images of people you admire and want to be like. Combining this with imagining your desires can really help. 

It may (or may not) take you a long time to see results, but you definitely will. Just give it some time; you'll get there!

Do you have any visualization tips? If so, please share with a comment! : )

Monday, July 11, 2011

Motivational Mondays- 7.11.11

Motivational quotes to inspire you!
"You already have every characteristic necessary for success if you recognize, claim, develop and use them."
- Zig Ziglar

Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 2011 Goals!

I'm a little late, but here are some of my goals for July:

  • I SUCCESSFULLY earn the income I want by the end of this month!
  • I come up with Fabulous ideas that help me make Mocha Writer and For Colored Gurls the best and increase their exposure!
  • I acquire the number of advertisers needed this month on FCG!
  • I have 1500 'likers' on FCG's and 550 'likers' on MW's FB pages!
  • I successfully attract the number of clients I need this month!
  • My BlogTalk Radio Shows this month are absolutely fabulous and wildly successful!
  • I always remain positive and at peace no matter what!
  • I am free from procrastination! I do what needs to be done when it needs to be done!
  • I easily and successfully attract financial abundance and prosperity into my life!
  • Every day, I expect Supernatural Favor, Clear Instruction and Divine Manifestation-- and I receive it!
  • I expect the best and get nothing less!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

30 Affirmations for Business Success

As you all probably know by now, I love affirmations. So, I decided that I would share some of the ones I use on a daily basis. Feel free to use them (or tweak them) for yourself!

  1. It feels great knowing that business comes to me in all seasons!
  2. I love the way money comes to me effortlessly in expected and unexpected (positive) ways!
  3. I'm the essence of success. I'm unique, valuable, highly intelligent. Ideas come to me effortlessly, enabling me to achieve whatever I want in life. I trust my inner guidance and God, and I make decisions with confidence!
  4. I am positive and prosperous-minded!
  5. I feel strong, excited, passionate and powerful!
  6. I contribute to the world in a meaningful way, and I am paid back a million-fold!
  7. Because I am such a positive resource, people love doing business with me!
  8. I attract new, money-making customers daily!
  9. I constantly add income to my ever-growing business!
  10. I'm so happy and grateful for all the fabulous customers who support my business!
  11. I have a successful business that improves lives, including mine!
  12. I know how to, and I do attract loyal customers to my business!
  13. I succeed by helping my clients succeed!
  14. My business expands daily!
  15. My business is flourishing!
  16. My profits increase weekly!
  17. People are very excited to do business with me!
  18. Doors of opportunity and abundance open to me now!
  19. New opportunities come easily to me!
  20. There are no limits to what I can achieve!
  21. I fearlessly believe in me!
  22. I do all things through Christ who strengthens me!
  23. I am divinely protected, and only great things happen to me!
  24. Today, I am devoted to opening my hands, my heart and my life to receive bigger blessings!
  25. I am a success magnet!
  26. Opportunities for financial growth continue to come my way!
  27. Today, I am optimistic. I remember that my thoughts create my reality. I think positively and surround myself with positive energy!
  28. I allow myself to be great!
  29. Today, I expect supernatural favor, clear instruction and divine manifestation in my life!
  30. My obstacles are paper thin, and I run right through them!
Do you have any affirmations to add? Please share below!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Motivational Mondays- 7.4.11

Motivational quotes to inspire you!

"Don't wait for something big to occur. Start where you are, with what you have, and that will always lead you into something greater."
- Mary Manin Morissey
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