Monday, April 4, 2011

April 2011 Goals!

Well, April is here, and that means it's time for some new goals. I did pretty good on my March goals and even exceeded some: I received two more sponsors for this month, and I exceeded the number of likers on my Facebook pages that I wanted.

So, my goals this month are (written as affirmations, of course):

  • I successfully earn the money I want this month!

  • I continue working on Mocha Writer and For Colored Gurls, making them the best they can possibly be!

  • I secure three more advertisers for FCG for May!

  • I successfully launch FCG's radio show!

  • I successfully increase the exposure of MW and FCG!

  • I have 1200 "likers" on FCG's Facebook page, and 400 on MW's Facebook page!

  • I increase the numbers of visits and page views on FCG, and I increase the number of newsletter subscribers!

  • I do fabulous work with my current clients!

  • I attract new clients that allow my income to increase!

  • I stay focused and in the present moment, which brings me great joy!

  • I trust God 100 percent to supply all my needs!

  • I expect the best!!

What are your goals for April? Feel free to share! : )

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