Thursday, March 24, 2011

Putting Myself Out There...

A couple of weeks ago, LaShanda Henry of Sista Sense and Black Business Women Online did a huge Facebook giveaway. One of the things she gave away (and that I won) was her Sistas Who Sell 7 Day Challenge. I did the challenge and also watched more of her videos, and they have been benefited me tremendously.

Anyhoo, in one of her videos, "Don't be a lazy entrepreneur," she talks about putting yourself and your business out there. You know, talking about your services and products and just letting people know you're out there. LaShanda also mentioned that you shouldn't assume that people have seen or know about your products and/or services. I am so guilty of this one. Before viewing the video, I assumed that if someone "likes" my Facebook page, follows me on Twitter or is a friend of mine on any site, they know what I do because they checked out my profile and have seen things I posted. Not so... As I'm learning, you have to consistently let people know what you do and how what you do can benefit them.

Up until recently, the main things I would post about on Facebook and Twitter were new blog posts; I really didn't mention the actual business too much. Why? Because I didn't want to be that entrepreneur. You know, the one who gets on your nerves because all he or she talks/posts about is "Me, me, me" and when you see his or her name pop up, you kind of roll your eyes and think, Here we go again...

But, I have come to realize that I have to find a happy medium where I market and promote myself, provide fab content and promote other entrepreneurs, too. And while I think I'm getting better at it, I think I could do better when it comes to putting myself out there. Just like many of you, I'm a work-in-progress, but I'm getting there!

So, what tips do you have for putting yourself and your business out there? What works for you? I'd love your feedback, so please leave a comment : )

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  1. this is so true, jamie, I too, am learning how to put myself out there more. I got caught up in giving my audience great content/post, that I rarely ever mention my business or products for that matter. So I got a lot of work to do as well. Thanks for sharing!


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