Friday, December 3, 2010

December 2010 Goals

  • I easily and successfully earn the income I want through Mocha Writer & For Colored Gurls!
  • I come with really effin' awesome ideas, and create a fabulous plan that helps me do the things I want to do with my business and my blog!
  • I am very creative and generate superb marketing ideas for MW & FCG!
  • I increase the traffic to FCG by 10 percent this month, and help my sponsors gain more businesss!
  • I successfully finish the draft of my book, and I'm ready to move to the next step!
  • I release my writing e-report; it is a huge success that helps me get business!
  • I motivate and inspire people through FCG, and I help people achieve their business dreams with MW!
  • Colleagues and previous clients refer Mocha Writer to help those who may need my services!
  • I successfully write two great posts for YWB and Successful Southern Sistas!
  • I 'book' four FCG advertisers for January {let me know if you're interested! : ) }
  • I get 1000 'likers' on FCG's Facebook page!
  • I get 300 'likers on MW's Facebook page!
  • I begin freelance article writing for magazines and websites again!
  • I do better with balancing work and life, and make time for ME!
What are your goals for this month?

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