Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Reinvention Summit 2010

The Reinvention Summit, the world's first Virtual Summit on the future of storytelling, is currently taking place online until November 22.

Michael Margolis, president of Get Storied, an education, advisory and publishing company devoted to storytelling in business, formed this event with co-creators, partners, producers and participants.

Against the backdrop of the nation's recession and quickly changing communications, many organizations and individuals experience the need to reinvent themselves, their campaigns and their engagement strategies. A long time storytelling consultant, Margolis focuses on the power of narrative-- the most basic and emotionally resonant form of human communication.

The summit gathers a new tribe of storytellers: change-makers, marketers, entrepreneurs and creatives who see storytelling as critical to their work and mission. There's a star-studded line-up of 25+ speakers with diverse backgrounds to lead teleseminars, interviews and panel discussions that relate to the future of storytelling as our world goes through reinvention. All sessions are recorded for playback. The online summit includes lots of social networking, collaboration and crowd-sourcing for those who feel inspired to play. Entry-level pricing starts at just $11.11. To learn more, visit

And here are some goodies for you:

  • Coupon for $25 OFF an Activators or Explorers Pass. Use code: REINVENTION
  • Complimentary download of "Believe Me: a Storytelling Manifesto for Change-makers and Innovators," an 88-page gift available at

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