Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Goals!

I haven't done this is a while, but here are my goals for this month (written as affirmations):

  • I easily make the income I want through Mocha Writer & For Colored Gurls!
  • People see value in what Mocha Writer offers!
  • I come up with fabulous and successful ideas that help me increase my income!
  • I get 900 FB Likers on FCG & 300 on MW!
  • The visits on FCG increase by 300!
  • I succesfully finish the draft of my book!
  • I successfuly finish my ebooklet, and it's a hit!
  • I inspire and motivate people through my writing and life!
  • I stay positive and focus on me!
  • Whatever happens, I always stay calm & centered!
  • I meditate, affirm and visualize every day!
  • I keep my energy and vibration levels up!

Wish me luck, ya'll! : )

1 comment:

  1. wonderful goals, thanks for sharing, hope you achieve each one!


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