Friday, October 15, 2010

How to Create an eNewlsetter

As a business owner, you may have been thinking about creating an eNewsletter. But you may not have a clue how to create one. Here are a few tips:

Determine your goals. Why are you creating a newsletter? Do you want to drive traffic to your website or blog? Reinforce your brand? Ultimately gain new clients or customers?

Let prospective subscribers know what they can expect from your eNewsletter. Let them know exactly what they will receive from it-- and deliver. Do not mislead people by telling them what you think they want just to get them to join your list.

Create your own voice, and be consistent. Just as you can write in nearly any style on your blog, you can do the same thing with your eNewsletter. You'll probably try out different methods, and develop your voice over time, but you should try to be consistent in what you convey to your readers. The same applies to the design and flow as well.

Establish value. If you don't meet the needs of your subscribers, they won't stay signed up. How do you make sure they do? Examine how users interact with various aspects of your eNewsletter and listen to their feedback and responses.

Have any more tips? Share them below!


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  1. What a good post! I send out emails to past clients/friends/fam etc with updates about my photography but now want to move that to a newsletter. Thanks for these great tips to consider as I do this process. In fact, I am going to work on it a bit more today.


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