Friday, August 20, 2010

Affirmations 101

One thing that has really changed my life for the better is the use of affirmations. Not only have they helped me in my personal life but in my professional life as well.

If you don't know, an affirmation is a positive statement designed to counteract negative beliefs you may have. And according to Jeff Saniforth, founder of AffirmWare, a positive affirmation is a statement that becomes instilled in your subconscious mind and influences outside forces to maifest positive changes in your life through repetition.

A few benefits of affirmations:
  • By using positive self talk, you positively shape your reality.
  • It's an inspirational act to lift your spirits.
  • You gain the ability to connect with your inner guidance.
When you repeat your affirmations often, it can help you get on the path to getting what you want and becoming who you want. So after some time repeating them, what you've been saying will come into fruition (keep in mind this works for negative thoughts/phrases as well).

According to Staniforth, affirmations are based on three principles:
  • Your present reality is a direct result of your thinking.
  • Change your thinking, and your reality changes.
  • Affirmations change your thinking.
Some tips for writing your affirmations:
Use present tense. Positive affirmations work better when stated this way. So, for instance, instead of saying, "My jewelry business will be successful," say, "My jewelry business is successful."
Keep them positive. Instead of saying, "I don't eat junk food anymore" (a negative affirmation), try, "I eat healthier everyday" or even "I am motivated to eat healthier."
Make them short, and be as specific as possible. By keeping them short, your affirmations will be easier to say and to remember. And by being specific, you'll get exactly what you want. So if you want to make more money, affirm an exact amount, i.e., "I make $1500 through my business each month."
Repeat your affirmations often.
Use positive affirmations. Affirmations work best when you actually feel yourself being joyful when saying them. Additionally, use words that have power.
Believe. Now, you don't have to necessarily believe your affirmations initially, but as time goes on, you should definitely start believing what you're saying sooner rather than later. The quicker you start believing you can have what you want, you will.

Thoughts? Share them below.

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