Friday, July 30, 2010

Thoughts- 7.30

At church a couple of weeks ago, my pastor spoke about having faith and how there could be no testimony with no test, or in other words, you can't succeed without going through something. The message really made me reflect on my own life.

My theory: All that I go through now is going to make a great story some day and encourage someone else. I feel like my purpose in life is to motivate, encourage and inspire others and to help them realize they can have anything they want if they A) want it bad enough; B) believe in themselves; and C) just don't give up. For me to be able to do tell and show someone that, I need to go through some less-than-fun times. I mean, sure, I can tell you to look at Tyler Perry- he was homeless, but look at him now! It is an amazing story, and that might motivate you, but at the same time, you might want to hear a success story from someone more "real" that you can actually talk to; and you may not feel you can relate to Mr. Perry. So while it's nice to hear stories about celebrities who've made it, I think it is sometimes more helpful to hear it from Jane or John Doe.

Know that there's a good reason you're going through what you're going through. You may not understand it now, but when you reach your goals, it'll be clearer, and you can help pull someone else up.

And remember, no struggle, no progress.

Success & Fabulousness,

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