Friday, May 28, 2010

Get Empowered!

Happy Friday, people!

In her book, "Fabulosity: What It Is & How To Get It," Kimora Lee Simmons gives us ways to be empowered instantly. Read on to see how:

  1. Don't blame the system, the screwed-up schooling you received or the chances no one ever gave you. Doing this makes you powerless and means you aren't in control of your destiny. Realize that, yes, you may have your specific barriers when it comes to work, but just like other successful individuals, you'll come up with original ways to overcome them through networking, interning and lateral thinking.
  2. There's almost always a way in to something. If a job gets you in the work world and gets you closer to the field you really want to be in, take it. Remember, most successful people started off small.
  3. Potential will be noticed. If you work hard, stay committed and bring your best self to the table, your efforts will be noticed. If you meet a need, become invaluable and have a fabulous attitude, your employer will not want to let you go.
  4. See the positive aspects of rejection. One door closing can mean another opening. Maybe you're not the right person for that job you just interviewed for, but if you impressed the company, they'll almost always keep you in mind for other job openings or even refer you to others.
  5. Lack of experience and knowledge seems like big obstacles when you're outside the gate, but they are the easiest to overcome. No matter what field you're interested in, it's important that you research the topic and know it. Additionally, start a notebook with thoughts and inspiring quotes from those you admire.
  6. Once you get your foot in the door, maintain the attitude that this your chance to learn. Hands-on experience is the best education. Take every opportunity to learn all you can.

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