Friday, April 23, 2010

Knowing my purpose

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you have had a productive week!

As I've written about before, I've had an issue with comparing myself to people who I see as more successful than me. Lately, however, I've been dealing with it by repeating a seemingly simple phrase: "That's not my purpose." Other people may not understand, but for me, those four words are profound, and it works.
As many of you know, I have another blog. And when I'm reading other people's blogs, I sometimes find myself thinking, 'Wow, this person has a lot of good feedback,' or 'Dang, this person is really well-known; I wish I was popular like that.' But then I say something like, 'You know what, Jamie? That's not your purpose, and that's not the purpose of your blog.'

I mean, I can waste my time competing with and comparing myself to these other people, but what good would it do? I have a specific purpose in my life and even for my blog, and I'm learning that I have to do what I need to do and not worry about what anyone else is doing. I'm learning that I am successful in my own right, I'm progressing in my own time and that whatever is meant for me is for me and no one can take it.
And I want you to be aware of this as well. You may not feel as successful as other people right now, but know that you are succesful in your own right and that you have accomplished great things, and you will do even better things...remember that ; )

Peace & Blessings,

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  1. Now that's what I like to call a lovely post !

    People in general tend to compare themselves with their peers and those around them; and often if things aren't looking 'as bright' as they are for others; we feel that we are not worthy or that we could do better etc

    It was great to read your post and be reminded that each of us have our own purpose and that purpose will unfold itself in due course ..

    Have a great Friday and an even better weekend :)

  2. Sorry I'm late, but thanks for your comment. I'm glad you like the post, too! : )


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