Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Goals

As you all know, it's a new month (yay!) So that means it's time for goals. This month, I plan to:
  • Gain enough clients to make the amount of money I want <-- Primary Goal
  • Email 10-15 businesses a week
  • Network
  • Visit local businesses (to let them know about MW)
  • Sumbit one-two DS articles per week
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Do fabulous work with my ongoing client
  • Post in this blog at least three times a week
  • Make my other blog, for colored gurls, more fabulous and gain more subscribers
  • Work on my ebook
  • Start blog redesign
  • Stay organized (incl. cleaning out emails weekly)
  • Keep track of my progress
  • Stay focused & encouraged
  • Use my time wisely

Photo from: momaroo.com

If you have goals you want to share, leave me a comment with them or put a link to your blog post. Good luck in everything this month!


  1. great goals; mine is to keep improving my writing&poetry. love your blog! btw i'm following you on twitter would you mind following back? twitter.com/princessxla

  2. Great goals, I need to set a few of my own.



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