Friday, March 19, 2010

Essentials to providing quality customer service

Yesterday, I received an email from a social networking site I'm on, The BOSS Network (great place, by the way). It was an article, 12 Essentials to Delivering Quality Service, written by Tanisha Rankins. Here are the tips she gives to help you give quality service to your customers:
  1. Understand that customer service is an attitude. Starting your day on a positive foot contributes to having a positive attitude.
  2. Dedicate yourself to the task at hand. Try to clear your head of outside (personal) stress when dealing with customers. Focus on the here and now.
  3. Build upon basic etiquette: Smile and greet! It gives a great impression to customers.
  4. Get to know your customers. Ask open-ended questions and be observant.
  5. Be knowledgeable. Know your products and what complements them.
  6. Be willing to go the extra mile. Customers love having their expectations met, but exceeding them takes things to a whole new level. They will share the experiences with others, and in turn, boost your bottom line.
  7. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Play up your strengths and commit to working on your weaknesses.
  8. Make the customer feel appreciated, even for their consideration. Even if she didn't use your product or service now, if you her experience was pleasant, she'll keep you in mind for future opportunities.
  9. Treat every experience indpendent of the next. Don't take out your frustrations from a previous experience on the next person.
  10. Be willing to acknowledge your mistakes. Honesty is the best policy. Accept the mistakes you made, and make the decision to learn from them.
  11. Know what your options are. Understanding your limitations will allow you to assist your customers more effectively. If there is something you're asked to do that is beyond your limitations, knowing who can make decisions past your limitations will help you service the customer more efficiently.
  12. It's not what you say, but how you say it. Show compassion and understanding in your voice. It will make a world of difference to your customers.


Check out more of Tanisha on her blog, Tanisha's Savvy Two Cents. Also, feel free to share your customer service tips below!

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